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Fail - Restoring Android mobile data via Windows 10

Thread needs solution
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I'm having a very fraustraing time, I recently did a mobile backup with the latest Acronis TrueImage 2018 and the android app, then did a complete reset of my phone. Fine I thought I'm covered if there are any issues. I did mange to restore SMS messages via the app which was good.

I then realised I needed to restore from cards from the StorCard app, fine I am covered thought.

So I went to Acronis on Windows 10 Ver 1709, and started up Acronis True Image (latest), clicked "browse file"...

When browsing folders most of the time I get.

"System cannot find the file specfied."
"A device attached to the system is not functioning."

Yes I have antivirus disabled so no conflicts.
Occasionally it does let me browse the files but I certainly can't store.

Anyway when it does work (for a little while) all I see is folders:


(although clicking on them produces error as already stated)

Regardless, so there is no other data available?
I'm looking for app data for a particular app but I don't see it, so it doesn't back up everything??

In the meantime I shall update the Windows build to the latest build, I should not have to do this but let's see.


Alex Shirley

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So I updated to Win10 Version 1803.

When clicking on "Browse files" in Acronis I get:
"M:\Pixel\07-08-2018 18_25_16 is not accessible."
"A device attached to the system is not functioning"

I do it a second time... it works. Then I click on a sub folder and I get something like:
"M:\Pixel\07-08-2018 18_25_16\contacts is unavailable"..
"M:\Pixel\07-08-2018 18_25_16\photos is unavailable"..



and I'm looking for app data for a particular app but I don't see it, does this backup app actually back up everything??

Me not happy :( thx.

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Hello Alex,

Currently, only the following types of content are supported in the mobile app

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Photos and videos located in iCloud (iOS only)
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Messages (Android only)
  • Reminders (iOS only)

Please refer to 

As for the browsing issue, I'd raise a support ticket for investigation at

Thank you,

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Did anyone find a solution to this problem.  I have the exact same issue.

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Naa. I lost all my data.

Acronis led me to believe my entire phone would be backed up using this software. Why would I not think any different


Thanks a lot Acronis ! Won't be trusting your mobile app ever again.

(And you still won't backup ext4 unless it's sector by that's another issue).


All these gimmicks they give us but the basics won't work.

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Hi AlexS,


I did find the issue.  It seems when I backup my Messages (Android) My data corrupts.  I was trying to quickly test by only backing my calendar, and was able to browse my data, then turned on Calendar, and Messages, and the corruption occurred.  I then tried to backup Calendar, Contacts, Photos, and the data was fine.  Trying to add videos now, and will see what happens only that will take some time still.  I have a lot of large videos on my phone right now.  

I would like to be able to backup my text messages as well but it looks like I will have to keep that turned off for now.



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Still no real solution....  The not backing up text messages no longer works for me.   I will see if there is a way to log an issue with Acronis directly I suppose.

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Wow they still haven't fixed this?

Glad I didn't upgrade.

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Hi AlexS

There is no solution to create a backup of Android devices completely which works like True Image for Windows or Mac. I just had to reset my tablet and found an article on that item in the German IT periodical CT. The best solution were those offered by hardware producers or Google but a complete backup is not created with these either.

My Google backup of my tablet was useless. I have to install everything from scratch.....seeing it positive - it liberated a lot of memory. At least the SD-card stayed fast and undamaged.

It's a shame that for the devices most vulnerable to loss, theft or physical damage, which many people heavily rely upon in their daily work and acitivy, there is no really working solution. But that is an inherent problem of Android.

at least for many data "my phone explorer" is a useful tool.

This guy states that there is a way to backup without rooting. I did not try it, I might have a look at it.

Regards, Franz47