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Fotos sync "Dropbox style"

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Can I somehow sync pictures from Android phone with my pc? So that when I take a picture with my phone it immediately pops up in a folder on my pc desktop?

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I suspect this is not possible. As I understand it the Android/iOS App does not continuous upload new items. It would not work directly if you are backing up to the cloud, but once they are uploaded, you can access them via the Acronis Data Cloud which allows you to download them. I assume that if you are backing up the mobile device to your computer than you can access the photos from the computer (the default location is on drive M).


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Currently there is no sync feature in mobile app, I've registered your request in our internal system. 

For backup to Acronis Cloud - If you want data changes (for example, new photographs) to be backed up automatically, make sure the Continuous backup setting is turned on