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Invalid QR Code

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I have had ATI 2018 for 4 years. Last week I had to reinstall Windows 10 Pro on my desktop. ATI 2018 has been working fine on my desktop since then. The Acronis Mobile app had been working fine but today it got error and said to reconnect. When I tried it would not accept the QR code on my computer screen for ATI 2018. I got the error "Invalid QR code".

Router:; valid IP range: to

IP: Desktop:; Phone:

Phone is Samsung S21 5G running Android 12.

I reinstalled the Acronis Mobile app but that did not help.


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I finally was able to get Acronis Mobile working again. I had to uninstall the Acronis True Image 2018 program on Windows 10 and reinstall it. Once I did that I reconfigured all the backups. This time the QR code was accepted for the mobile backup. I did a new full backup for my phone..

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Edward, this is good news.