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iOS Backup to NAS slow and then stops

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NAS: Synology DS416play

NAS Firmware: DSM 6.2.3-25426

iOS: 13.5.1


I have just recently installed True Image for iOS as well as on my NAS and am finding that the initial backup is EXTREMELY slow.  I have roughly 43k in images within Photo Stream that are trying to be backed up and within a 24hr period, I have only seen as many as 3k being uploaded.

Once the day has rolled over, I find that the iOS App will remain at "Preparing Data for Backup" and will no longer upload a single image.

Something that I have noticed, when I find that True Image has stopped backing up anything, I can stop the backup, delete the backup, recreate the backup, and then it will proceed a little further.  Example:

1st attempt: 1200 images in 24hrs

2nd attempt: 1800 images in 24hrs

3rd attempt: 2800 images in 24hrs

...and so on


The above 1st - 3rd attempt numbers aren't exact numbers as I wasn't tracking them exactly, but this gives you a rough idea as to my experience thus far.



Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Yesterday I peaked just over 5300 items backed up and had not proceeded to backup ANYTHING today.  It remained at "Preparing Data for Backup" all morning.


This morning I deleted my back-up again and once again restarted it.  Within 40 minutes, I am already at 5381.  It sure seems like every time I delete and restart it gets further and further along.  Let's see how long this one lasts.


I am concerned that if I am actually able to make a full backup, it will never be able to perform differentials though...

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From July 7th at 11:46am to July 8 at 7:30am, it peaked at 7365 images and is now sitting at "Preparing data to back up..."  See, there is incremental progress everytime I delete the backup, however, will it ever perform a backup on its own, without a kick like this?

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I has issues with the time taken for initial backups with early builds of the mobile app (iPhone and iPad), but in subsequent builds this did not happen, although the first backup still take a long time. In my experience the current build of the mobile app has serious problems, the most important of which is that it refuses to honour the instruction to do continuous backups.