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Iphone backup to NAS drive

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Hi All

I am confused. with True Image 2017 I can backup my desktop PC to my home network drive. But I cannot seem to change the backup location for the mobile portion of the software to choose a network drive. It only lets me connect to drives and folders connected to the PC. I am confused why I can choose the network drive on one but not the other. I really do not want to leave the pc on all the time to backup my phone. Is there a way to change this?




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Mark, welcome to these user forums.

Sorry but it is not possible to do what you are asking here - mobile backups have to be to a local drive location and cannot be on a network drive, nor can these be run independently of your computer running the Mobile Server for this function.

See below from the ATIH 2017 User Guide, obtained by clicking on the (?) next to the option to select the location.

Local destination of mobile backups

When you back up your mobile data to a computer, Acronis True Image stores the backups in the default folder C:\ProgramData\Acronis Mobile Backup Data\acronis-local-data\. When you change the destination, the acronis-local-data folder is moved to the location that you select. During this operation, the current mobile backups are paused and will automatically resume when the operation completes. All new mobile data will be backed up to the new destination.

Note: All mobile backups are always stored in the same folder and cannot be separated.

To change a local destination for mobile backups:

  1. On the Settings tab, find the Mobile backup location option.
  2. Click Change, then click Select location, and then select a new location for the backups. Note, you can select a location only on your internal hard drives.
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Perhaps you can use a junction point to the original "local" destination to a mapped drive on the NAS.  Not sure if it's supported, but don't see why it wouldn't work as a work-a-round.

Alternatively, you could use robocopy or a sync application of your choosing to sync the mobile backup folder to another destination, such as the NAS.  Another possible work-a-round at least.

Please be advised that mobile backups only backup certain features as iOS and Android lock down the file system.  I personally only backup my mobile phone with iTunes to the local machine and then backup that directory with Acronis to maintain backups of those mobile backup files.  I do this because I personally don't see the value in only being able to restore pictures or content like that if I need to replace or upgrade my phone or just need to get back to a point in time or recover something.  For those who value their mobile data - perhaps the best strategy would be to do both types of backps so you have some optoins for recovery.

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Thank you

Steve Smith and Bobbo_3cox1 for your responses