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Mobile backup does not include email in contacts

Thread needs solution
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I am using the basic default contacts app on my Android phone.  For many contacts I have both phone and email, and often a street address as well.

When I back up a contacts, delete one from the phone, and restore it only the phone number comes back!  Can it really be true that Acronis just discards everything else?  The browse function shows only the email, as well.

The app was easy to install and use, but I have uninstalled it.  Having no backup is better than a false sense of security.

If anyone has a way to make this work, I'll reinstall.


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Hi, James!

Thank you for your feedback.
Seems like this is a bug connected with a specific device. We would like to know more information from you to resolve the issue with the recovery of contacts. 

Could you please share with us information about the model of your device and version of Android system?

Also, you can contact me directly via email if you would like to share your feedback or experience with the product:

Best Regards,
Alexander, acting product manager of mobile products