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Mobile backup to Network Drive is a Waste of Disk Space

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The Recovering mobile data DOES NOT WORK!  It is a waste of time. I can only see the last backup from the mobile app. I can see all backups from the computer but can't restore. Only the last back is accessible from the mobile app. I've read and followed Recovering mobile data several times but still can't restore files stored on computer. As a result I have 90.5 Gb of drive space just wasted! WHAT'S the point of having backup that can't be restored. Not only that, these wasted files can't be deleted without completely deleting the entire backup process. The mobile backup is a farce. 

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Rod, your signature shows that you have a license for ATI 2019 and therefore have full access to Acronis Support to raise your concerns directly.  I would recommend doing so and working with the Acronis Support team to investigate why you are seeing issues with Mobile Backup.

I do not use Mobile Backup other than for simple testing purposes - the feature has significant limitations when not being able to get root access to either Apple or Android devices, therefore can only backup a subset of mobile data.

In my case, there is also no available mobile backup app for my model of Synology NAS, so that is an area I cannot test.

My mix of Apple & Android phones tend to be backed up by the default applications provided with the phones, i.e. iCloud for Apple, and Google for Android, then using automatic uploads of camera images to my Dropbox account etc.

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Hello Rod,

When you run a new backup of your mobile device, the new backed up data is written to the same archive, so yes, there is no possibility to select the "recovery point" like on PC, but all your old data is still in the archive, you can browse through the backed up files and select what you need.