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Mobile Backup - Serious flaws

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NAS really isn't worth it for those of us that don't rely on them.

I've been with Acronis True Image since release v2009 as purchase, and inclusive of a multi-license later on.

Yet, I find that their attempt to enter the mobile world falls far short of the quality that we've come to expect.

  1. Issues exist on the host app where there is no control over where, when and what to backup.
    1. This only means that it stores the backup on the OS drive and those of us with a backup strategy to ensure that on-line backups are contained in a target location for access should the need arise. Their restrictions on this control point severely impact space consumption and control over the entire backup process.
  2. Issues exist on the mobile app where it is severely limited to "what" is backed up.
    1. This only means that a complete backup of the phone is I not possible. Attempts to include the SD card doesn't show up, attempts to identify the Android OS locations and include a full backup of the phone don't exist.
    2. As a subscriber to MS Office, I predominately use Outlook (connected as an Exchange user) to rely on contacts and other key communication dialogs. So, backup of the Contact information is limited to only my GMail account. It does not "play nice" with the more advanced/capable users.
  3. Based on the comments and other observations there seems to be a dominate (though below 100%) of users that have found the product to be:
    1. Lacking support.
    2. Lacking capability of other products.
    3. Lacking interface (e.g. WiFi v USB) clear configurable and indicators information.


  • I shall have to remove the product from my Android device until such time as Acronis Technology catches up with the rest of the world.
    • Which is unusual as their desktop and business systems appear to be top-notch and has the needed controls/support infrastructure in place. They have continued to evolve the product for years to its current state, and that is good.
  • It appears that Acroins just "felt" they had to introduce a mobile platform thinking that those of us that take backup requirements seriously just "expected" it. Never believing that to throw something out there w/o the needed infrastructure and capabilities, it would alienate their prime customer base.

I had hoped to have this as a part of my backup strategy, yet find the flaws make the mobile product unreliable and suspect. I can't afford to have this as my Android is used not only for personal use, but business use as well. Business apps encrypt the data locally (independent of the Android OS capability) and that entire suite of data is missed in the backup. Loss would be catastrophic to my ability to service my customers.

Nuff said.

Just my observations based on a very long time with Acronis and as a customer that has come to have high expectations for such a robust product - outside of the mobile world.

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