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is mobile "Continuous" automatic?

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When backing up a mobile Android device to a PC, does the "Continuous" functionality operate automatically?  (And only when connected to the same wifi network?)

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Hello coyote,

Continuous backup means the data on your mobile device will be backed up automatically without any user interaction. 

On Android devices, the backup task will start every 6 hours.

On iOS, you'll also need to insure the application is either open or is running in background. Backups will not run, if the application is closed. Push notifications should be enabled. 

The app will try to back up whenever possible, if something prevents backup job from starting (e.g. network not available, app is closed on iOS) - the next start will be delayed for another 6 hours. 

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Note that the backup will only occur if the phone connects with the pc, through ati. This is an iffy thing at best.

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Hi Ekaterina,

I've installed Acronis TrueImage on my QNAP and using Acronis mobile backup at two Samsung devices (Note8 and S8). Initial backup runs fine, but automatic backup every six hours doesn't work. App sleep mode for Acronis App is disabled.

best regards,


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Hello Ralf,

Thank you for your posting! Could you please send us a feedback with the log files from one of the affected devices, so that we can check the operation logs. How to send feedback 

Thank you in advance!