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Package installer has stopped

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I have searched the message "Unfortunately, Package installer has stopped" when attempting to use the Acronis True Image 2017 App on my Android Samsung Tablet, but have come up with very little in the way of information. I am not sure where to look or how to resolve this problem. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Rick

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Rick, if this message is coming from Android on your Samsung tablet as it sounds like it may, then have you tried doing a shutdown / restart of the tablet?

If that does not help, then which package was being installed and does this show as an installed application in the list of the same?

Can you remove the problem package, assuming that this is Acronis Mobile Backup and try to install it again?

Beyond offering the above, the next step would be to open a Support Case directly with Acronis Support (link to contact them below).

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I have done a shutdown and restart, and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the Acronis App. I guess I will contact Acronis support to see if they can assist.


Thank you.