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Stuck in Acronis boot - didn't follow instructions

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Hello...I was attempting to install a new Western Digital Hard drive into a ASUS laptop.  I downloaded the free version from  I failed to follow the instructions and create a rescue disk first and then install the new hard drive into the laptop before performing the clone. 

I started to clone the internal (original) hard drive to the external one (new) on USB. I encountered bad sectors and wanted to cancel the close so I could run a full check disk on the system.  The Operating System is Windows 10.  So I cancelled the operation and the laptop is in a reboot loop back to Acronis and it attempts to restart the cloning process to USB.  How do I get back to the normal boot process into Windows 10 on the laptop with the original hard drive installed?


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Bob, welcome to these user forums - this particular forum is for the Acronis 2017 Mobile Backup product which is very different to the OEM WD Acronis product that you have used.

You post is unfortunately not uncommon in the forums and was partially the reason for creating post: 128231: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this!!! which can be found in the Acronis True Image 2017 Forum and which explains some of the reasons that you find yourself in this reboot loop.

Starting a Clone operation from within Windows results in the Boot Configuration data for your laptop to be modified in order to create a temporary Linux OS environment from which to launch the Acronis application.  By cancelling the clone operation you have left that modification in place and now the laptop is trying to continue the clone.

Repairing the Windows Boot Configuration is not a trivial activity, so if you can continue the boot into the Acronis application and let it run the clone to completion (with the drives in the same position as when you selected them initially), and ignoring all bad sectors that may be found, then it should (hopefully) reset the boot configuration at the end of the process.

The other suggestion here would be to connect the original hard drive via USB adapter to another computer and then run CHKDSK /R against that drive to let it try to resolve any bad sectors present.  Please understand that CHKDSK will only work for drives that have been allocated a drive letter, so when you connect the drive to another PC, you will probably see other partitions present on the drive that are normally hidden when the drive is in the laptop, you should run the same CHKDSK against each of these partitions as the bad sectors can be in any of these partitions, not just in the main Windows C: drive.  

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If you can download the recovery .iso from WD, or create it on another machine and then boot it, most likely, after you boot it, if you then close out and pull the recovery media, most likely, it will boot normal again. The alternative (in my experience), is to boot Windows installation media and peform a "startup repair".