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True Image 20202 - mobile backup - viewing backup on Windows

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Should i be able to view/mount a mobile backup on my Windows 10 Machine?

The backup runs to there, an in True Image I have the option view Browse files.  It initialyl starts a new window with the 3 machines backed up, but after a moment or so will close.

Also I'm occasionaly able to see an Acronis Drive "drive" on my system, and I could navigate all the way to the latest backup and contacts, but that never displayed anything, and now that drive is empty.

Ideally I'm wanting to be able to look at the contents of a backup, specifically contacts so that I can verify them.

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Cannot help with this as I backup to Acronis Cloud rather than local PC. There is a possibility that you may be able to do so using the Online Dashboard - that is how you do it for Cloud backups. Steve Smith uses local backups so he may be able to help.


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Hello David,

you should be able to see the contents vie Browse files option as described in… If the window suddenly closes, it might be the indication of a crash. I'd contact Acronis support team with these symptoms.

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Sorry for the delay.  It just all got too hard so I parked it.   Came back to it today, and tried again, and had the same error

I tried contacting support, and it says True Image 2020 out of support.   I also found this article: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: Browsing a mobile backup fails with "The system cannot find the file specified" | Knowledge Base    and it says "a solution is coming" but hasn't.

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Dear David Cole,
We have reported the problem to RnD, unfortunately there is no eta for the fix.

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I’ve reported the same problem as part of the acronis cyber protect beta I’m on.  As the same problem exists.