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Unable to restore

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I installed Acronis Mobile on my phone to enable easy, seamless restoration of all data on my phone should for whatever reason that data be lost. I recently had to have some repair work done on my LG V40 so performed a full backup before handing over my phone to the LG service centre. The service centre for whatever reason returned the phone to factory default so, no problem, I have my Acronis Mobile backup to restore and hopefully get my phone back to where it was before the reset. Of course, I had to setup my gmail accounts and give wifi account access then download the Acronis Mobile app and log in. All good so far. After log-in, I see the backed up mobile devices and so click on V40 and get screen showing backup location as Acronis Cloud so click on that. Next screen shows four folders (I didn't ever set up any folders so have to assume these are automatic). At the bottom of this screen is "recover all" which is what I want to do so click that. Get option to recover all or skip existing items. Want to restore everything so slect "Recover all items". and ok. Next screen again shows the four folders but with ticks inside each folder icon. At the bottom of the screen there's the option to recover 4 items (also on that line is a double tick and an x but don't know what these are for) so click "Recover 4 items". Then I get looped back to choose between recover all or skip existing items so choose Recover all items again and ok. This loop keeps happening and I get no further. What is going on and how do I get my data restored? This was supposed to be seamless and simple ..... but it's not!

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Hello Peter,

I'd try re-installing the app and then following… If the issue persist, please open a support ticket so that our engineers can help.