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Versioning of BAckup file?

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Hello. I have Acronis True Image V1.0.1 installed on a Qnap NAS which is being used via Android apps to keep backup data for the handful of mobile devices in my family.

My son has a Huawei Nova 3e that has been backed up occasionally on the Acronis system. Today his phone glitched and lost all but 20 of his contacts. He went to the Acronis app on his phone (v5.0.2) to restore, but the app automatically began a backup instead, and now appears to have overwritten the backup file on the NAS with only the 20 contacts that are still in his phone.

I've never needed to do a restore on my own phone - but looking at his, I could not find any way to step back to an earlier backup file to be restored. Is this possible, or has the saved data effectively been erased by the app going directly to backup rather than restore?


Thanks in anticipation.

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Glenn, welcome to these public User Forums.

I cannot help you directly with the Acronis Mobile app for your QNAP NAS as Acronis have not provided an equivalent app that supports my own Synology NAS.

Looking at my own mobile backups to my computer via the Browse Files option, I see that each time a new backup runs, a new folder is created for the backup content, so would hope that this would be consistent with other flavours of the mobile app!

If you are able to use a similar option in the Acronis Mobile app on your NAS, then you should further be able to copy the missing contacts from an older backup folder to the current one.

I did notice that the Acronis Mobile app on my Android phone only shows me the latest backup when I use the Browse option, so you would need to turn off the continuous backup to stop the app from creating yet another new backup when opened!

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Hello Glen,

> and now appears to have overwritten the backup file on the NAS with only the 20 contacts that are still in his phone.

All previous backups versions are stored in the same archive, but it's not possible to select a particular recovery point. However, to see all previously backed up data you can select "All backed up files" sorting in Media and browse entire data from "all" slices". From the representation point of view, we do not have slices in the meaning of Acronis True Image. We have all data in the backup, and we are able to display all data, or data added to the backup after the last backup operation. 

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I've registered a change request (internal ID for AMB-2230 Show All backed up files by default) to change the default view to display all backed up data in the archive. 

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Hello again, sorry for the delayed reply but I "misplaced" my login credentials and was unable to respond until I found them on a different computer. (Must have used this one originally!)

Have had no success at all accessing the original backup for my son's phone - who has manually re-entered all the contacts he can find, and accepted the loss of those he can't, and no longer trusts my backup solution. But after the recent update to both the android app, and the Qnap app, the entire system is now quite effectively bricked. Nothing at all works - the mobile app can't even make contact with the Qnap app - and the Qnap app can't make contact with the Acronis system that generates the QR code used to link to the mobile app.

The attached screenshot shows all I get when running the app on the Qnap. I have checked that there is no firewall rule blocking access to the Acronis website. I can SSH into the Qnap and ping the Acronis url without any issue.

On my own mobile - which had been working perfectly with Acronis up until the last update, when I try to access the backup files on the Qnap (which is now referred to as "LOCAL-Server") the most I can achieve is an error message that says Unknown pattern character 'X'. I get the same error if I try to take a new backup to the same location.

If I try to create a new backup file, it asks me to scan the QR code, which as per the screenshot is not available.

I'm just about at the point of ditching everything Acronis and starting from scratch with some different system...


Mobile app updated itself to v5.0.3 yesterday - despite my setting that nothing should update without asking me :(

Qnap app is Acronis True Image v1.0.1.1


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All previous backups versions are stored in the same archive, but it's not possible to select a particular recovery point.

Hi Ekaterina, I have submitted feedback from my own Android mobile phone app because of the above behaviour.  Each time the backup runs, it adds another 900MB to the computer backup folder (on my Windows OS drive by default) because it does a Full backup every time, instead of only backing up changed data!

On the computer, I try to delete old backups via the option to 'Browse files' in the ATI GUI but this fails, so the size of the backup keeps increasing by nearly 1GB the app runs.  Not a great idea given that the default mobile settings are for Continuous backup being enabled!

I have now deleted all my mobile backup tasks to my computer because this behaviour makes the process unusable for me as a backup method and I cannot have the mobile backup location keep growing in size as it would if left using the default options.

I do not have the option of using the Synology app for mobile backups because my NAS is not in the list of models for which the app is available, which just leaves the option to backup to the Acronis Cloud which looks to be 'broken' for me at present!

See the attached screen shots from the mobile phone (captured using TeamViewer over wifi but where the Acronis app says there is no connection!).

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Probably not relevant but my iOS devices back up quickly to cloud indicating only increment backup is being done. Like Steve my Synology NAS does not support mobile backups.