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Microsoft 365 and gWorkspace

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Sherman Consulting Services comes from previous backup company that allowed for easier backup of m365 - they could select all users and tell the software that any new users are to be protected as well. this was done on a per user basis and had a checkbox for each plan we would offer (Mailbox, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams)


With that said, we have the following requests.


SCS needs m365 Exclusion options from Group Protection as selecting 999/1000 users is time consuming compared to selecting 1/1000 users to exclude.


SCS need ability to create groups in our cloud application protection console. We show the user hierarchy, why can we not setup a group and select which users should exist in said group, this would allow easier management of protection plans that may vary in retention.


SCS needs ability to EXPORT Cloud Application Protection Plan so that they can just import the 4 .json instead of having to click on many buttons to deploy.

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