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Create Bootable Recovery CD or Flash Drive

Thread needs solution
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Create Bootable Recovery CD or Flash Drive

Or, an alternate method to achieve the same bootable CD would be to download the ISO file from your web account. Product must be registerd before download becomes available. TrueImage product does not need to be installed in order to use the CD created from the ISO FILES. A registered version recovery CD can perform most of the same features as the Windows version. Backups, restores and cloning can be done when booted from a registered CD. The trial version ISO is also downloadable (after registration of trial serial number is completed) This makes the trial recovery CD usable to recover older version backups as well. The trial CD is not enabled for backups or cloning and its usable features is limited to RECOVERY ONLY. For users which have the older versions and need tol use a newer version for recovery, the use of the trial CD is an option to be considered.

Here are additional links on Flash drive creation. 44353: Acronis True Image 2014: Creating Acronis Bootable Media
44351: Acronis True Image 2014 Creating Acronis Bootable Media with a Backup File
34873: True Image 2013: Creating Acronis Bootable Media with a Backup File
1526: Starting Acronis Product from USB Flash Drive

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OH that's what it is. Well that is exactly what im using to boot off then create acronis zone on hard disk and then save backup to. I just didnt know that was what you called ed.
This is the same dvd IM using to try to set up the F11 at boot time to restore in and emergency.

So I'm still asking the question, that I presented in my first post. I would apreciate it if someone could give me some help on this.

Thank you.

Posts: 172
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Please post a link to your orignal question.
This was a question you asked on the March 12, the day you joined and this has been answered.