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Grover's new backup and restore guides

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Update:August 26, 2014

Grover's restore guides (Item 1 and 2) are intended for use with MBR type partitioning and were written prior to GPT.  If the attempt to restore is GPT related, additional assistance (other than my guides) should be investigated. Most Win8.1 and some Win7 could be GPT. Identify your system disk whether MBT/GPT before proceeding.

More new guides have been added to my Grover’s TrueImage Guides Index. All restore procedures designed to be used when booted from the TI Bootable Media CD.

1. Grover's How to-- TIH2012-2013-2014 Restore to larger or smaller disk

If your goal is to create a replacement hard drive (larger, smaller or SSD), this new PDF guide could assist.

The intent of this guide is to illustrate how to restore a disk image backup by restoring each partition as a single restore-but repeated multiple times until all partitions has been restored. The settings about partition 1 does include example of how to set the 1 mb “free space before” which is needed as a partition 1 starting offset for SSD’s and some Windows 7 or Vista partition 1 configurations.

While the guide appears lengthy, its content is really taking the single partition restore theme and repeating it several times based on the number of partitions contained on your disk. Download the PDF file for more detailed information and illustrated examples.

2. Grover's How to-- TIH2012-2013-2014 Disk option restore PDF

The purpose of a “Disk option” restore is to restore your backup to a target disk the same size as your original disk. While the normal Disk Option restore can be restored to both larger and smaller disks, its procedures offers the user absolutely no control over the partitions sizes nor which partitions will be resized. Therefore, my “Disk Option” restore guide covers only when the replacement disk is identical in size to the original. Note: if your source disk contains only two partitions which are a non-lettered "system reserved" plua a Drive C system partition, this guide could still apply to you. Download the PDF file for more detailed information and illustrated examples. The type of backup which works best for disk option restores is the single check "disk option" backup which includes all partition within the backup. Use the guide in item 1 if moving to an SSD or a larger or smaller disk with multiple partitions.

3. Grover's How to-- TIH2012-2013-2014 Restore Drive C only PDF

This new guide illustrates how to restore a TrueImage Home backup of the Windows Drive C system partition overtop an existing Windows Drive C partition. This type restore is normally used to refresh an existing installation with a recent backup of the same partition. The guide can also be used as an example on how to restore a backup of a single partition overtop an existing matching partition. Download the PDF file for more detailed information and illustrated examples.

4. Grover's How to-- TIH2012-2013-2014 Backup From Within Windows . – 3 choices of display methods: Webpage – PDF download – Screen show download

As indicated, this guide is illustrated via three methods. The basic theme is to illustrates how to create all the steps needed in a backup task to create a TrueImage backup. This illustrates how all the different steps mesh together to form everything needed to get a scheduled or non-scheduled backup started.

5. Grover's How to copy single files from Backup file or mounted backup - Pdf download

5a. Restoring Single Files or Folder Using a Disk mode or Partition type backup

5b. Also this acronis KB article for the 2013 version.

6. Grover's How to Backup 2010
     Old version but new guide. This guide also usable in using the Bootable Media CD in 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014.

7. Grover's V11-8101 How to Backup & Restore Screen show Download/Unzip/Run
     Old version but new guide.

8. Grover's How to upload attachments
     Attaching images to your postings is much more easily done using the Acronis forum rather than using a 3rd party storage location.

9. Grover's How to prevent Win7 computers from going to sleep during backups - PDF download
     For those having trouble with shutdowns or validations, this is a practical workaround.

10. Grover's How to use Win7 scheduler to run TIH backup tasks

11. KB2931: Cloning Laptop Hard Disk
     An Acronis Knowledge Base article about cloning procedures.

12. Grover’s Manual Cloning Compaq Win7 Laptop to a larger disk
     Item 1 is a newer & better method.

13. Grover’s Manual Cloning a Gateway Win7 Laptop to a smaller disk
     Item 1 is a newer & better method.

14. PDF Guide: Upgrading to larger disk via 2009-2010-2011 using Partition Restore with Resize
                        Win-7 Compaq Laptop  or  Win-7 Gateway laptop
      This specific guide is via partition selection. Also refer item #1 for a different variation of restore.

15. Grover's Alternate method to shutdown computer after backup.

16. Desktop Reminder message to attach storage disk before scheduled backup.

17. A comparison between the Incremental and Differential backups and restoration.

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