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How to make copies (not reserve copies) of backups in a differential backup scheme in Acronis 2018

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I had a problem that a number of other users have had on this forum. That is, how can I make copies of full and differential backups. 

The Option/Backup reserve copy seems not so useful (as far as I can make out) because it creates a FULL reserve backup each time you do a backup, even if you are only doing a differential backup/

This video shows a way that I intend to use to overcome this problem. It means you have to turn off Acronis Active Protection ransomware protection. But you should have some form of ransomware protection in your anti-virus package. 

The video contains no audio - but comprehensive details about what is going on are in the Youtube description. I hope video proves helpful.


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Welcome to these User Forums, and thank you for sharing your approach / solution to making copies of your Acronis backup Destination folder by using a Robocopy batch command file as a Post Command in the ATI Advanced configuration settings.