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Moving from Win 7 PC to Win 10 PC

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I'm migrating from a Win 7 PC to a Win 10 PC, and I'm wondering whether it's best practice to upgrade the old PC to Win 10 first, or if I'll be able to restore to the new machine without doing so, and whether universal restore will allow me to keep Win 10 on the new machine while still restoring everything else. Thank you!

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Louis, welcome to these public User Forums.

Make a backup of your user data (documents, photos, music etc) from your Windows 7 PC on an external USB drive.

Make a backup of your new Win 10 PC (full Disk & Partitions backup) on an external USB drive - this is your safety net in case of any errors later.

Ensure that your new Win 10 PC is running fine and has been activated and updated for any new Windows Updates, then restore just your user data to that computer from your external USB drive.

Note: do not attempt to restore any system folders or settings from Windows 7 - you are best advised to install any applications being used and reconfigure the settings on the new PC.

I would not recommend upgrading your old Win 7 PC to Win 10 then migrating that OS to your new PC as you are likely to bring along years of potential issues carried from the old OS. Starting afresh on a new PC with a clean install of Win 10 is going to be much better!

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I am moving my system from windows 7 to windows 10 because Windows 7 is an old version and if I use winds10 then my system becomes very 1st. Now I can use my social media site like Facebook, Instagram without any discrepancies.