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Recognize certain drive in dockingstation

Thread needs solution
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True Image got an optional section, where DOS-command before and after can be executed. It looks like, Acronis can recognize, whether this commands are successful or not. (maybe errorlevel?).

For my laptop "ping <my.nas.with.the.backupshare> " works, if I'm not at home in my WLan, TI doesn't start the job.

So I'm looking for a command like "type x:\", TI can tell, if it succeded or not.

The solution in this thread is way beyond my abillitys and needs:

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If you have several different drives that can be installed in your docking station, then you need to provide a method of identifying each of these drives!

This can be done by adding a simple text file in the root folder of each drive, i.e.


Once this has been done, you can use a Pre Command in your Acronis Backup task to test for the correct drive and only continue the backup operation if the correct text file is found!

The Pre Command can be very simple as below:

Rem: File name = CheckDrive.BAT

echo off
if not exist L:\Drive1.txt goto nodrive
exit /b 0

exit /b 1

Note: the above assumes that the docked drive is using drive letter L: - this should be changed to the actual drive letter being used in your environment.

In the above batch file, the test is for the file 'Drive1.txt' which if found gives an exit code of 0 = Success, otherwise an exit code of 1 (failure) is given and the backup is aborted.

Assuming that you have separate backup tasks for each different drive, then the Pre Command should be altered for Drive2.txt or Drive3.txt

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Thank you Steve, that's exactly what i'm looking for. Simple batch to check for certain harddrive.

So I'm gonna set up two identical jobs besides the request for the drive. We will have two sequences of backups.

The operator can change drive daily and take one home to protect total burn down of the house.