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Update 2 version 14690 Survival Kit to Flash Drive works on Legacy MBR and UEFI/GPT

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Tested using a USB 3.0 Flash drive to create a Survival kit of a Lenovo laptop running a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Windows drive.

Laptop is a NON-UEFI Legacy BIOS boot MBR computer.  Screenshots below are:

  1. True Image Activity tab screen.
  2. Explorer view of backup files on USB flash drive.

Activity screen shows :

  • USB flash drive made bootable
  • Backup configured
  • Backup task run to completion - Full disk
  • Backup task run to completion - Incremental

Task was configured as Schedule - Upon event_When an external device is connected (only option ticked), Backup scheme - Custom_Incremental, Backup Method_Create only incremental versions after the initial full version.

Note: Creating bootable partition and complete disk backup took 25 minutes to create.  Incremental was triggered by attaching the flash drive to the computer and took 2 minutes 7 seconds to complete.

Survival Activity.png


Explorer view of flash drive shows 8 .tib files created for the initial full backup and 1 incremental file.

Explorer Survival Activity.png

The flash drive used here is a PNY 128GB USB 3.0 version.  This is a perfect tool for a traveler to take along as a safety net in case of disk failure on the road.  My test passed!



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Thank you very much for testing!

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I plan to test this again on a UEFI-GPT system soon.  Just back from holidays so will be a few days.

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Completed testing creation of Survival Kit on a USB Flash drive on Win 10 UEFI/GPT PC.  Results mimic those posted in original  post.  The main difference is that with a UEFI/GPT system the format of the second partition created on the flash drive which hosts the backup files is NTFS vs. FAT32 for the Legacy BIOS/MBR PC.  That equates to large backups (greater than 2GB) are not split into chunks as in the original post.  Instead, large backups are a single file.

Very nice.  Great tool.

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Great test... Fantastic Info... Much appreciated !

Happy Holidays !

Steve F

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Thanks Steve,

Just remember that Survival Kit creation on a USB flash drive is limited to users running Win 10 version 1703 and later.

Happy Holidays !