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Video: Manual Full Disk Backup in ATIH 2014

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Here are the steps to create a backup scheme for full disk backup in ATIH 2014 for later run manually (on demand/unscheduled) when you decide:

1) Click "Disk and Partition Backup" at top.
2) Switch to disk mode.
3) Be sure desired disk is selected. This includes all partitions on this disk.
4) Choose a destination for the backup.
5) Under Settings|Schedule, click on current schedule.
6) When schedule screen opens, click on "Do not schedule" in lower left.
7) Change backup name to something more memorable. Defaults to drive's name.
8) Change backup scheme to "Custom" and "Full."
9) Pull down tab next to "Back up now" to read "Later."
10) Wait. It will say "Creating image backup" but it isn't really. This may take a second, or several.
11) You may have to toggle the star icon at the top to see your newly created backup scheme.
12) Any time you want to run the backup, click "Back up now" and it will create a new, full backup.

Video (may require Flash Player):

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Hello Les, thank you very much for such a beautiful tutorial!

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If you need more review time to see the creation of the backup scheme, this link can help but the number of chains kept may differ.
GH11. Create Custom Full Backup Scheme.Keep 4 versions (chains). The 4 is user choice.

Les has another good video on Differential type backups at this link.

61316: Video: Create Differentials with Full Backup Once a Week with Cleanup