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Support Digest: August 2017

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Hello Colleagues!

Here is some news on Acronis Cloud Products for August that will help you with your daily support routine:


Hot topics

Here are the top 3 questions in August:

  #1 ►Cloud storage quota exceeded and space does not get freed after deleting slices, why?

To understand how quotas work, you need to remember some facts about cloud backup technology and the archive format. Here are the most important ones:

  • Cloud archives are always incremental and their size cannot decrease. When you remove a recovery point, cloud archive size remains the same, but the freed up space will be re-used by future backups
  • To free up cloud space you have to remove the entire archive
  • Cloud console will show updated cloud storage space after 4-6 hours: KB59979
  • Incomplete cloud backups are not deleted automatically. If you know that some incomplete backups are not needed, you can delete them manually as explained in KB59015
  • When agent quota is exceeded, the agent download link disappears from the web console. See more here: KB57328

  #2 ►Which ports and IP addresses should be available from agent side?

There is a list of ports and hostnames that you should make available from all agents for successful operation with the cloud components:

  • Ports 443, 8443, 7770-7800, 44445, 80 will open automatically on the agent during installation, but you should make sure no network firewalls block them
  • Proxy and NAT can be setup during or after agent installation
  • Agent will automatically get required hostnames and IP addresses during installation
  • All hostnames, IP addresses and ports are available here: KB47189
  • Check that all ports are open with the Connection Verification Tool: KB47678

  #3 ►What to do with slow internet connection? How to upload a large backup?

If the estimated backup time is too long, you can either restart the backup at a later time, or use the Physical Data Shipping service:

  • Measure the upload speed using the speedtest utility: KB59690
  • Stop and restart a backup to cloud at any time: KB56049
  • Offer the Physical Data Shipping service to your Customers: KB56070
  • Help your Customers to start using the Physical Data Shipping service: KB57604


New and hot KB articles

  • KB59047: Acronis Backup 12.5/12 and Acronis Backup Cloud: "The storage quota is exceeded"
  • KB60132: Acronis Backup Cloud: incorrect partition is mounted
  • KB60114: Acronis Backup Cloud: incremental to an initial seeding backup fails with "Failed to create an incremental backup in backup archive"
  • KB60112: Acronis Backup Cloud: 'An internal error has occurred' in Backup Monitor

See all new KB articles here:

CTA-Request-more-informationNEW_0.png Did you know that all product related articles are grouped under one URL and organized by relevant topics? Check out this Acronis Backup Cloud link:


New training materials

  • Website backup in Acronis Backup Cloud Product Training
  • Estimating backup to Cloud Storage in Acronis Backup Cloud Troubleshooting Training
  • Acronis VSS Doctor in Acronis Backup Cloud Troubleshooting Training

See all training materials here:

CTA-Request-more-informationNEW_0.png Still haven't got certified for support of Acronis Cloud Products? Attend one of our webinars and master the technical side of our cloud products!


New features

  • Website backup. The static contents of websites can be backed up via SFTP/SSH. MySQL databases are backed up either by using a direct connection to the database or over an SSH tunnel.

CTA-Request-more-informationNEW_0.png Did you know that website backup is the first cloud-to-cloud backup technology to appear in Acronis Service Provider products?


Datacenter updates

Datacenter Platform version Available services
St. Luis (BETA2) 7.5 Beta Backup Cloud, Files Cloud
London (EU3) 7.0 Hotfix 3 Backup Cloud


Release notes:


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