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account edit not working

Thread needs solution
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I'm having problems chaning details for my forum account.

I am trying to edit my account details. I've tried to change my password. I get a box after I hit "post" (I guess that means apply the change?) saying changes saved, however my password did not change. Same with the email address. I change it and hit post, and it sayes changes saved but my email address listed goes back to the old address.

Something that may be related...I have an unusual email address and some applications don't seem to recognize it as valid. My email address is  This is the email address listed in my account details, so I guess your website recognizes it. However, I can't seem to change any of my account details (as explained above) and I have never received any notifications from any forum topic updates I subscribed to.

Can Anybody help?


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please change your email and password in your Acronis Account (, it is automatically linked to this forum.