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Acronis Drive Monitor

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Hello, I don't know were to post on these forums for help on acronis drive monitor? The program won't work for me anymore. It starts up on startup in bar but can't open it full screen to see whats up.

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Hi Max,

there is a forum especially for ADM:

Maybe the program want to show up on a second, not connected anymore, screen. I have this issue with some other programs.

You can try to re-install the application also.

Note: ADM is not supported to run in Windows 8+, see here for complete list:

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I don't think Acronis is supporting Drive monitor anymore.  This is one of the rare times I would specificially recommend a different product since there has been no product improviement or development for Windows 8.0 or newer. 

I might suggest you check out the free version of Hard Desk Sentinel as a possible alternative. I liked it so much I purchased the Pro Version, but I suspect the  free one is sufficient for most people.  

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Yes, I have also invested in the Pro version of Hard Desk Sentinel - picked up some dying disks (mostly ancient ones), so it was well worth the price.


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You also can go for a open source version like smartmontools ( There is ongoing development and also supports NVMe drives.