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"Acronis Forum :: new post has been created"

Thread needs solution
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I keep getting these unhelpful emails to tell me



You can view the whole post at the following url

You will receive emails like this for all replies to your posts. You can disable this by logging in and changing the settings on your user account at .

-- Acronis Forum team

https : // forum . acronis . com


...Which looks painfully like someone forgot to put the variables into the template, or someone changed the variables after the site went live so now the information it returns is null. 

But what do I know, my programming experience is so old I still call it "programming". Whatever, I can't get anything useful from these mails because I have no idea where to find the post that this refers to.

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I'm also getting said emails though I've not posted here in months. I think the last time I posted something was back in 2019, yet I keep getting emails say "a new post has been created"


About to close my account.

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Is there a solution to turning these unhelpful emails off?

They are not of any help, just annoyance.

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Hello Everyone,

the issue with the empty messages should be fixed now! Please let me know if you still receive empty emails.