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Avisos molestos de Acronis

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Cada dia recibo varias veces un aviso que sale al lado del reloj aconsejándome actualizar a Acronis 2019. Me es muy molesto y quisiera que no me apareciera constantemente este aviso. Cuando quiera actualizar ya lo pediré yo, pero me parece de muy mala praxis acosarnos constantemente con estos avisos. Agradecería me dijeran como desactivarlos.


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Every day I receive a notice that comes next to the clock advising me update to Acronis 2019. It is very annoying and I would not appear constantly this notice. When you want to update I'll ask, but it seems to me very bad practice harassing constantly with these warnings. I'd appreciate being told how to deactivate them.

Thank you.

I share your low opinion of constant notifications about things I really do not want to know about. I am sure you can modify the notification that you receive from Acronis via pop-ups, but cannot remember how and could not find it in the knowledge base. It does not seem to be covered in Account Settings (only gives options about emails).