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Cannot insert image when creating new topic

Thread needs solution
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Well, the title is self-explanatory. You cannot insert an inline image when creating new topic. You have to save and then edit the post to insert an image. You can of course still attach an image before the initial save. Most disconcerting.

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Hello Ian,

I experience no issues when posting as admin, will test on the account with user privileges 

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Thanks Ekaterina


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I can confirm an associated issue to this topic.

If a user attaches a file or embeds an image in any new post, then this will end up in the Off Topic forum for some reason and the selected forum is ignored!

The way around this, is as Ian mentions above:

  • Create a new post with no attached files or embedded images.
  • Save the new post and it will /should be created in the selected forum.
  • Edit the new post to add any files or images else add a second post to the topic with such extra data.

I have been doing exactly the above steps for most of my new posts over the past week or so to avoid new topics being pushed to the Off Topic forum.  This included a new topic raised in the Private MVP forum that I had to delete from Off Topic because of this issue, as wasn't intended for the general forums!