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can't activate - acronis chat person added wireshare to my computer

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I just purchased acronis 2020 and am not able to register. Connected with a person named Kashyap on acronis chat and he did a remote access on my computer and added two programs Wireshark and Systeminfo. I'm concerned about two programs such as these being placed on my computer as well as still not being able to register. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is there a way to speak with someone at acronis? Thank you for your help

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Hello Sandy,

the tools Wireshark and Systeminfo are used by the support team to collect the necessary diagnostic information. Systeminfo tool is usually built-in in the Acronis products, but when there are no products installed, we have to use this portable version. You can safely remove both tools. 

Regarding the activation issue, I've checked your account and see that the recent order Acronis True Image Premium subscription has been refunded.