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Connot contact Support - product list is empty so can not select !

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I login, select "technical" then "trial" and then get to select "Choose the registered product you are contacting us about" BUT the list is empty! So the website does not allow me to get access to support. So HOW am I supposed to get support?

I have tried Firefox, Explorer, clear cache, restart and still nothing. I suspect this is bad design/coding... why would the ""Choose the registered product you are contacting us about" come up in a popup?

Am I supposed to have access to support? If so how do I get that reach support eh?

I only have a True Image 2013 so there is no reason to ask that question in the first place. Quite an unpleasant experience. Combined with a veeeeeeeeeeeery slow response times and constant timing out in my browsers on it ... one of the worst website experience I had for a long time.

I wonder, if I actually buy software, will that be any better?

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Hello Fernan,

Thank you for your posts.

In order to get technical support for a trial version the serial number should be registered. If you cannot register the program for some reason please select Customer Care from from Step 1 in the Contact Support wizard and we will be able to assist you via chat and e-mail.

For additional information about accessing our Support team please take a look at this article.

Please let me know if you need additional help.

Thank you.