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Could a moderator please merge two accounts?

Thread needs solution
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The account that I am currently using is my original forum account created over 4 years ago. I also have a customer account that uses a different login e-mail address. Could a moderator please merge my customer account into this forum account? I really don't need the second forum account.

Any questions please pm me.

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Hello FlyingHorse,

I've sent you a PM with additional questions.

Best regards

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I have now ended up with two Acronis accounts as a result of buying software online very recently after I had changed my previous email address. How can I merge them? All attempts have so far failed and leave me in a continuous loop. Thanks!

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Viking, you should contact technical support.  This is primarily a user forum and the Acronis engineers only pop in from time to time.

18623: How to get Technical Support: Tips, Tricks and Useful Information

1.    Customer Service
Related to
- Administrative license/serial number issues (lost, fails to get registered, etc.)
- Web navigation
- Download
- Promotional offer issues

- free of charge 
- unlimited
- 24x7
- provided via e-mail and chat. 
Response time:  
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat


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Hello viking666,

If you mean forum account, please send me a PM and I will merge them. But if you are speaking about accounts on Acronis website, please contact our support team with the above provided link.

Thank you,