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delete accounts

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I have no Acronis products.  I would like to delete accounts I may have, like the one I'm using right now with seems to have been set up without any registration process and which re-assigned a name from many years ago.  Live chat does not seem to actually connect.  Also, I keep ending up at the German site with instructions in German.  If I can't delete my accounts, I would like to change the email address.  How do I take care of these things?


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I'm not sure why live chat is not connecting for you.  Perhaps try a different browser.  It works first time, every time for me using Chrome 32-bit or IE in Windows 10.  You do have to pick categories before it will connect - are you doing that?  Also, don't log in when going to chat.  Instead, go to the link

without logging in.  Pick the issue as "customer care" and then the subcategory as "registration and account issues" and then connect to chat.

tech support is the only route that can help with account issues as this is just the user forum.  If you still have issues, send a PM to support engineer, Ektaterina.