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Thread needs solution
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I think I've posted about this before, but it would be nice if there were some sort of indicator or text that was automatically inserted in a post when an edit has been made.

Possibly an option for a poster to write an edit reason would work. Some answers to posts just make no sense when the OP has removed pertinent chunks of text that someone has responded to, and others are reading the thread.

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I too would like to see this feature implemented, as most forums have the same. It lets you know that things have been changed, which makes more sense. If this includes a date / time stamp, even better ... one can compare a response to the edit date / time stamp to see if things were changed after a response.

I guess in order to address the actual "changed" text issue, that's what the "Quote" button is for. :) Some forums disallow editing a post after a certain amount of time, and I've even seen topics / threads get "locked" after a significant amount of time has passed (forcing you to create a new topic / thread) ... not sure if I personally like that, since updating information is needed with technical issues over time.

I suppose the best way to address this is with the posters themselves ... they can add "edit" notations and perhaps date / time stamps manually. Of course, that would mean training each poster in proper forum etiquette, which isn't all that practical.