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Email notification about ancient post -

Thread needs solution
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Got this email a day or two back:

Hello IanL-S

New post has been created in Acronis True Image 2016 Forum: [Win, Creators] NEW Acronis True Image 2016 Update 3 available!


Dear Acronis Community,

please be aware that we released a new Windows build of Acronis True Image 2016.

Build number for PC: 6589

This build adds WIndows 10 Creators update support and contains the fix for the following issue:

- Acronis True Image 2016 crashes on the latest Windows 10 x64 Creators Update on selecting Backup Destination

We will not have a new build for Mac in the scope of this update.

Release notes:

Feel free to contact me in PM if any questions.

Thank you,


You can view the whole post at the following url

You will receive emails like this for all replies to your posts. You can disable this by logging in and changing the settings on your user account at

-- Acronis Forum team

The post was made by Ekaterina on 26 April 2017 - best part of four and a half years ago. Did anyone else get it?


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Yes, had the same Ian along with lots of other old posts.

The only reason I can think of is that spammers are posting in these old topics then those posts are being deleted but the notification gets sent out anyway - or something along those lines!

Very annoying when my inbox gets a flood of topics but nothing has actually been updated or changed!