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"Failed to run the scheduled task: The task is already waiting." How do I run the task?

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I am using ATI 2019, build version 17750.

I tried to run a scheduled incremental backup in advance and received the message

"Failed to run the scheduled task: The task is already waiting.
More information about this error and solutions may be available online in the Acronis Knowledge Base.
To access the online resource manually, enter the event code at:
Event code: 0x006400C8+0x0064023B+0x00900012+0x0009006F"

The KB link goes to article "27299: Acronis True Image Errors Out with "Failed to run now" referring to Acronis True Image 2016, ( which may be relevant , but is clearly outdated and does not solve my problem - how do I run a scheduled task in advance?



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Answered in the 2019 Forum.