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A few obs and comments regarding this site.

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I'm surprised to see that Drupal was chosen as your forum software when phpBB and other forum specific CMSs are available. I like and use Drupal myself but for strictly a forum site, I would have chosen phpBB. At the same time, Drupal does have a lot of other great modules so I hope to see you expand the fuctionality of the site seeing as you have chosen Drupal.


That being said, I would suggest you add to the side menu a specific forum link to the top level of the forums and sublinks under that to the subforums so that they can be more easily navigated.

I would also prefer to see the option at the bottom of every thread to follow that thread whether I made a post in it or not. That way I can monitor interesting topics that I haven't posted to and opt out of topics I posted to that I no longer wish to receive notifications on.

How about adding in the English spell checker?


Will changing the password here on the forums change my password on my main Acronis account too?

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The two passwords are separate.