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Forum keeps timing out - not a problem at my end

Thread needs solution
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Recently I have had multiple instances of the forum timing out - get cannot find page error message after opening a forum topic where only one or two posts are initially displayed. I am convinced it is not a problem at my end, as on the last two occasions I have run of speed test on my internet connection.

I also often have slow responses when opening topics or navigating the forum. It is getting very annoying.


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Ian, I have been seeing some strange issues in the forums over the last couple of days.

Sometimes clicking on a topic will timeout, other times it will spin for a long time then come back with the same page that I had clicked on to try to go to new posts or the end of the topic.

For one pinned topic here I am shown incomplete data and have to close / reopen it several times before I get to see new posts!

This all in addition to being spammed with loads of notification emails for updates to topics from all over the place!

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Thanks Steve for information on your experiences. Hopefully they will investigate and solve the various forum issues.


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Hello guys, 

I'm also observing delays when browsing through the pages, we will see what could be done here - created a task for research