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Forum path indicator is not complete

Thread needs solution
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When drilling down in a forum path, the path indicator is not correctly updated.

At the root of the ATI 2021 Beta forum, the root show Home > Beta Programs > Acronis True Image 2021 Beta... looks OK.

Drill down to the Installation subforum and we see Home > Acronis True Image 2021 Beta > Installation. The Beta Programs level is now gone.

Drill down again to the Beta 2 Install topic and now another level has been taken off the path.



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Yes, I had noticed that also. I find it very confusing!

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Looks like the issue affected the Beta forum only? Usually the structure of the forums is Forum container (like Acronis True Image Discussions) -> product related forums (Acronis True Image 2021, Acronis True Image 2020 etc). The Beta forum had three levels, which was not counted in the forum logic.