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How can i export of all license keys for a product

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I cannot find how to export all my keys for a product. When i click on a product, i see the license list where i can i check and transfer to another account, but there is no way to export the keys to a file. The only "export" function is the "Copy key to clipboard" but it works for a single key only. Any help?

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Nick, the only method that I am aware of to do as you ask is by signing in to the old Acronis account pages.

I have just tested this and it does still work but carries the warning that this only is valid for legacy products!

To access the pages:  Go to

Note: when I tested this today, it first opened the new Account page which does not have the option to [Get all serials].

I signed in to the new page, then tried the old page again and it opened for me!