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How to do a Rescue Media Builder

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Hi Community,

this is about create a Rescue Media Builder on USB Stick or SD card. Already try both method and several media, but middle in the process phase Acronis stop to work and relase an information that the media cannot be built. Following this message, the usb media results to be corrupted and not accessible by windows anymore.

How to get this cleared and how to recover the media I already use, as those as said are not readable anymore?

Thanks in advance for any support!



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Paolo, welcome to these public User Forums.

What size of media are you trying to use for the Acronis rescue media?

It is recommended to use a USB stick of size 2GB minimum up to 32GB maximum size which needs to be formatted at FAT32.

I would not recommend using an SD card unless you have no other choice, i.e. a tablet which only offers an SD card option.

My own rescue media is typically build using 16GB USB memory sticks or else I use an external USB HDD which has an Acronis Survival Kit boot partition (2GB FAT32) and which can be used for both booting in the rescue environment and also for storage of backup images on the NTFS partition of the same drive.

See KB 65508: Acronis True Image 2021: how to create bootable media and KB 59877: Acronis True Image: how to distinguish between UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes of Acronis Bootable Media

The option to create a Survival Kit is only offered when you are creating a new Disks & Partitions (or Entire PC) type backup task and are setting the Destination for the task to a suitable external USB drive that can be used for this purpose.
See KB 61639: Acronis True Image: how to create Acronis Survival Kit - for more information on the process.
Also KB 61738: Acronis True Image: Survival Kit disk partition for backups is limited to 2TB on BIOS-booted systems
And Acronis Article:  The Acronis Survival Kit

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If you want to rescue a media builder, then there are some steps which you need to follow, and after that you can save your media builder backup:

  1. In your CD/DVD drive, insert a CD-ROM which is blank.
  2. Click on the Start.
  3. Click on the All Programs option.
  4. Click on the Seagate option. 
  5. Click on BlackAmor Backup. 
  6. Click on Bootable Rescue Media Builder. 
  7. Click on the Next option. This will open the Rescue Media Contents Selection screen in front of you.
  8. Click on the BlackArmor Backup box on the top-level. 
  9. Click Next. The Bootable Media Options screen opens.
  10. Click Next. The Bootable Media Selection screen opens.
  11. Click on CD-ROM.
  12. Click Next. Media creation is ready to start.
  13. Click on the proceed option. This will open a small window that shows the CD-Rom processing step. 
  14. Click on the OK button. It was possible to make a bootable Seagate BlackArmor Recovery CD.