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I need 3 forums accts merged into one

Thread needs solution
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Hi, I've been on here since 2011. but that email addr on the domain became inaccessible, then the Army just shut it off, so I could not log back on (forgot the old pw I used). I made an acct using my email but since 2 of the 3 products were already registered to the other email, they didn't carry over. So I opened an acronis ticket to get all 3 of them put to a 3rd email on So now I have 3 user accounts and would like them merged into this one, but with the origilal start date and all my posts from 2011 still accessible, because Grover often cites them in his messages to other users in issues with IBM / Lenovo Thinkpads.

Please let me know what you need. I'm not fond of posting email addresses in the forums, but I can PM them to the correct person.

Thanks, Mike.

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for your posting! Could you please provide me with the emails in PM.

Thank you,