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Incremental backup frequency question

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I've just started a trial of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office. I was wondering how incremental backups work, as I can't find this described anywhere in the user guide. Does Acronis continually scan the backed up folders for changes to files and new files and automatically back these up, or do I need to do periodic backups to back up these changes? If it does an automatic scan, how often does it do this? I'm comparing it with another backup program which does automatic incremental backups every 30 minutes.

Thanks for any info.

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Glen, welcome to these public User Forums.

There is no automatic continuous scan for changes unless you as the user choose one of the backup options where this is offered, i.e. Non Stop Backup, otherwise you can use the Scheduling options to set the frequency for how often the backup task should be run.

The decision point here is a mix of how often your source data is changing and how much storage space you have available coupled with the size of the data involved initially and being added on each backup run?