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Notifications for old / read posts!

Thread needs solution
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I am regularly being sent emails for posts which have not been updated for one or more weeks with no obvious changes to trigger such notification mails.

This includes multiple notifications for the same topic at times, all with exactly the same content!

This is simply annoying and a waste of time checking for no good reason!

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Posts: 109
Comments: 27965

Example of a notification received this morning:

Hello Steve Smith

THOMAS MILLER has commented on: Transferring image to a new computer

Thanks Steve, instinctively I pretty much had that feeling, but was hoping for a miracle.  My main worry was/is migrating all of the Lightroom stuff to the new PC without losing all of my work.  Hopefully Adobe can guide me with a plan of action in doing that.  Thanks again.

You can view the comment at the following url:

You can stop receiving emails when someone replies to this post, by going to

You can set up auto-following feature for all future posts by logging in and changing the settings on your user account at

-- Acronis Forum team

This notification received this morning is for a topic last updated 2 weeks ago!

 Another notification received this morning was from Mon, 02/08/2021 - 05:58

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Hello Steve,

sorry for the disturbing email! These were sent because of spam comment posted and removed from the topic - I've created a task for our developer to change the logic and not send alert on the moderated\not published content. Please let me know if you again receive such emails. 

Posts: 109
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These ancient notifications are still being sent out - another this morning for a post last updated in October 2020 - surely if spam content is added then deleted this should not trigger a repeat of the previous notification???