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Problem changing email address. Please can a moderator/admin merge two accounts.

Thread solved


I have just changed my main Acronis registration email address (which works fine and brings my account and products up correctly) and then I came to change the email address on this forum. Doing so appears to have created a new account (I appear as a new member). My old email login still works despite me changing the details (and it saying they were accepted).

So I now appear to have two accounts.


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And here is the old me :) using the details that the forum software said were successfully changed.

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Hi Mooly,

you are right, changing account information at Acronis website creates a new account in Acronis Forum too.

I've merged both account and from now on only new login should work.

Please check it and let me know, if you need any further assistance.

Thank you.

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Hi Anna,
that all seems to work great, many thanks.

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I have just download Acronis True Image 2016 and registered under my new email address (which works fine and brings my account and product up correctly) and notice that previous purchased products were not listed. can someone help me merge the two accounts.

So I now appear to have two accounts.

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I have a similar issue if there is anyone around that is willing to help.

When first registering, I accidentally, typed my email with the ending as "cok" instead of "com." Now I know this is my own careless fault, but most services would not allow registry with an irregular email falling under such bizzare endings. So apparently I have two accounts, but the one with the licensed Acronis Image is the one ending in "coK."'

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Hello Yugurs,

Welcome to Acronis user forums! I've changed your login details, please try to log in. If any questions, contact me in PM.

Thank you,