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Raise a Complaint

Thread needs solution
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I raised a ticket on 30 June 21and since then there have been over 50 emails. I raised a complaint on the 14 Jul with a Support Manager who assured me it would be resolved by a technical lead and closed the ticket he had opened in parallel.

I did get a call at one point with a Support Professional but because the line was so bad he passed it to another person who had no knowledge of the situation. He was on the phone and Team Viewer for over 3 hours but only went over everything that had been tried.

I received a second call, without prior arrangement, but I was away from home. He said he would call back in an hour but didn't.

Today I received a email offering me a call at 14:30 from a supervisor. I accepted this and was in all afternoon but no one called.

Can anybody advise how I can get in touch with someone who will take this ticket seriously or someone I can further complain to,


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