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Receiving new post emails with no content

Thread needs solution
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The past few days I've been getting notifications of new posts, but there's no url and when I check my profile I should only be getting notification from my posts.  See email body as received below:



Subject: Acronis Forum :: new post has been created


You can view the whole post at the following url

You will receive emails like this for all replies to your posts. You can disable this by logging in and changing the settings on your user account at .

-- Acronis Forum team


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There seems to be yet another issue with forum notifications at present as I am also seeing these strange / empty notifications coming through!  This has been reported by a number of users in different forums!

Hopefully, Acronis will get their act together and resolve this issue!

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Haven't been on the Forums for some months, but find it hard to get my post into the correct forum and impossible to edit my profile. Either my age has finally caught up with me or something else is going on ?

Hope I get this reply right ?

mandacat (Bill)

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Bill, the forum notifications seem to be hit & miss for many users - the latest empty post notifications look to have stopped coming but I still get emails about posts to topics that are weeks or months old just out of the blue for no reason!

As for profiles, I use a Firefox plugin 'Tab Auto Refresh' set to 30 seconds when wanting to open my own profile - this seems to get past the 504 Bad Gateway error or blank pages that I see trying to get to my profile after a couple of refreshes!  I have to remember to set the auto refresh back to 0 (off) if replying to private messages etc else all gets lost in the next refresh!!

When posting a new topic - the best tip is to keep the initial post to pure text only, i.e. don't try to include any images, files or links etc until after the new topic shows in the correct forum, then add to the topic with that type of extra information.  New topics with links etc are being moderated more from what I am seeing as there has been a persistant hacker trying to post topics with all sorts of HTML codes embedded etc to send users to who knows where!!

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I too have been getting these garbage emails from the forum for a few weeks. ACRONIS: GET YOUR DAM ACT TOGETHER AND FIX THIS DAM PROBLEM. IT'S A PITA!

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This problem has come back again over the past several days, repeated multiple times per day!

Emails with no subject, no content arriving from !!!

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Hello Everyone,

the issue with the empty messages should be fixed now! Please let me know if you still receive empty emails.