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Thread needs solution
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I do not deny that I 'm really more than enough ! , especially as this is often a problem to get an answer to the questions posed in these terms , how do you think we even bought your products ! ! .
I sent the message below the 03/04 to the last forum " Acronis Disk Director , and no answer , I know that you are almost all volunteers, but no answer at all, it is still not normal ! , I sent it on the forum " ATI 2014 I had a response from PAT L, which Foit his best, but he does not know " Acronis Disk Director " , so I can not do it in want, but he at least he replied . If this is a bug of ADDirector , I ask you to send me a link so I can change the version , please
I added some screenshots , it is often useful.
I'm on Windows 8.1 pro 64bit ( updated with Update 1) and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 -bit SP1 , it did the same on both.
Here is my problem ::
I connected a USB drive to FAT32 , I open Acronis Disk Director11 Home Update 2 , and I can not change the letter of the key, and whatever the model key, I 've tried several, for cons , when I connect an external hard drive true , it's good for the internal main and secondary internal disk , it is also good , the " Change letter" is present in "Operations" , of " Action and tools " .
" Change Letter " is absent only in the case of a connection FAT32 USB key .
For info , Aomei Partition Assistant I , and , I do not have that problem ! , With the Windows disk manager either.
For all other internal and external hard drives , the " Change the letter " appears in the Actions column ( attached screenshots ), except for # 3 which is a USB key .
1 and 2 = Internal Hard , 3 = usb , 4 external hard drive, if you have the reason for this and especially the solution , I count on you . Good day and thank you again , soon. The Cervier . ( C drive , change the drive letter is ) ( change disk D is the letter ) ( change the letter J USB Key is Abscent )

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