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Use Firefox bookmarks to quickly navigate around the forum with either Firefox or Opera.

Thread needs solution
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I found a better way to navigate my way around the forum. Firefox bookmarks works great with both Firefox and Opera!
.... Click on the smaller image to get a better view.

How to create your own Firefox quick navigation links:

1. With Firefox open, Click on Bookmarks; click on Organize Bookmarks; In Left Window. click on Bookmarks Toolbar;
2. Right click on Bookmarks Toolbar and click "New Folder" Option.
....Change the open window folder name from "New Folder" to "Acronis Forum Home" and click Add.
3. If the new Acronis folder is not first in line under the Bookmarks Toolbar, use your Mouse and drag the Acronis folder upward into the first position. If you make a mistake in positioning, perform a Control Z to undo the wrong move.
4. Now click on the new left menu Acronis Forum Home folder and begin to work in the right side window of the "Acronis Forum Home" folder.
5. Right click an open spot and click on the "New Bookmark" option. Add whatever bookmarks/links you wish from the links below.

----------- Links for bookmarks creations or for your Favorites folder in IE --------------------------

**TrueImage Home Forum

B&R Backup & Restore Forum

Acronis Disk Director Forum

Acronis Forums Listing

Business Forums

Grovers Index Of Reference Links & Guides

**Private Messages

**My responses to postings.

**Topics I have started.

**My Account info
...Open your own account folder and look at your user number in the browser/address field and change the 999 to your user number.

Other forum

Forum Administration

Off topic

Acronis updates/Main website

Forum filter(code syntax)

FCK Editor documentation

FCK Editor user guide

Acronis News Section

Hot Issues--TIH

Wilders Forums

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Awesome hint - I did edited it a bit so that the image fits the page and pops-up on the click. Just used the width property of the Image Properties button - it then automagically scales and adds this lighbox effect.


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Thank you AndyB.

Or, if you're don't have the time to create your own, you could import the attached file and have your work all done for you. These can also be imported into Opera (or SeaMonkey or Firefox) as Firefox bookmarks. Here are the import procedures.

Download the attachment and unzip single file.

A. Open Firefox; click Bookmarks; click organize bookmarks.
B. Click the Import & Backup.button and choose the import option.
C. Next, choose the "import from an html file" option and point to my attachment file which you have downloaded/unzipped to your computer. The name of the file is "Add_Acronis_Bookmark.html"
and click to open/import the designated file into our Bookmarks folder.

The above action will add the Acronis Forum Home folder to the bottom of your left margin display.
Use your mouse and grab and drag the new folder upwards so it is the first item listed on the Bookmarks Toolbar and your done. Easy as eating apple pie.

Once you have these bookmarks installed on your computer, you will want to edit the 3 personal links and place your own forum member number in place of mine. You can use the Organize bookmarks option to edit the 3 personal links. Your forum member number can be obtained by clicking on "My Account" button along the left margin and your member number will be found in the browser address at the top such as:

I have tested this several times and it works but if you're not feeling brave, you can always use the Firefox backup option before executing the import function.

Zip file updated with updated links July 5,2010.

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Updated July 2 with updated forum links.

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Hello GroverH,

Thank you very much for your help, I've made this thread sticky.

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Very Neat, thanks. I use firefox with XMarks so it syncs to all my computers too.