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Using SQRL to log into this forum

Thread needs solution
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Steve Gibson of Gibson research and the Security Now website has finished with a new method of logging into websites called SQRL


Details here


Any chance of somebody looking at this.?



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This looks like spam and is being reported as such.

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SQRL looks to be predominantly a method of anonymous user logins to websites that support that method and is intended to hide the true identity of the user from other users on those sites (unless the user chooses to disclose their identity to the site itself).

Not sure that this would work in a forum such as these Acronis forums where part of the user registration is linked to their registration of purchased products or subscriptions.

These forums have already been subject to automated hacking attacks by anonymous users wanting to push malware or dubious content resulting in the need for active moderation, so I doubt that Acronis will want to embrace SQRL