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What is this forum email about?

Thread needs solution
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I received an email this morning, the subject being Acronis Forum :: new post has been created

with the following message


You can view the whole post at the following url

You will receive emails like this for all replies to your posts. You can disable this by logging in and changing the settings on your user account at .

-- Acronis Forum team

Where is the new post (no URL shown)? Is this telling us about something new, something fixed, or is it just an error?


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I'm getting the same emails. Are we going to get a message like this every time someone creates a new post? If that is the case how can I opt-out?


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There seems to be yet another issue with forum notifications at present as I am also seeing these strange / empty notifications coming through!  This has been reported by a number of users in different forums!

Hopefully, Acronis will get their act together and resolve this issue!

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Hello Everyone,

please accept our apologies for disturbance and confusion! That was a one-time issue, while our developer was changing the notifications module. 

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It's still an issue.  Ive received 2 notifications today.  No idea for what threads.....and then because the forum software doesn't have a new, new today option you have to look in every sub forum for some message that might have been updated recently.


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I guess it's a two-time issue. I too received two odd notifications today.

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Me too!